Export from pdf to Word on iOS

Hi everyone,
Is there an app apart from the Adobe Reader that can export a pdf to Word?

I was recently in a meeting where we had to export a pdf to Word and I volunteered imidiatly thinking I could impress my colleagues with my cool iPad apps (pdf Expert and pdf Pen). Long story short, it was a desaster and my colleagues still make fun of me fumbling on my iPad.
Found the Adobe Acrobat Reader that does that, but it costs like 10 dollars a month… Is there another option? Is possible to do that in pdf Pen or Expert?

Thanks for the help:)

There are free apps like EasyPDF which make PDFs readable in word (but not as editable word documents).

Then there are converter apps like the free PDF to Word - PDF Converter which use their cloud service to OCR pdfs and then send them back to you as Word files, but the free version has size limitations and can take up to 2 hours to get back files and the IAP for fast conversions can get pricey. There’s also this $9.99 app, which I read about but have never used.

But you can just use Word itself to import and edit PDFs too.


Using Word is a great suggestion! Didn’t know that was possible. Will check if it works on iPad.

Big thanks for that tip!

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Sad to report, that I found no way of opening a pdf-file with Word on iPad though the Files app. Back to Adobe then…