Export HealthKit data from a specific source? (App, not device)

I have been using AutoSleep for quite some time, but it’s often (very) wrong in detecting sleep (in both ways: say I’m awake at night, says I’m asleep at work…)

Still I would like to save its data before uninstalling the App and removing all HealthKit data. The App has an export function with detailed data, but creating an export will take several hours and stalls when the iPhone screen goes blank.

Can I export HealthKit data submitted by a specific App? In shortcuts I can filter on a “source”, but that seems to be a device (iPhone, Apple Watch), not an App?

Try “QS Access” - Other -> Sleep Analysis.

Using QS Access I’m only able to export all sleep data, to a CSV file that does not show the source of an entry?

I want to have an export of only the entries added by AutoSleep.