Export iPhone Podcast subscription list?

Hello people,

it seems like an easy task, but the internet is cluttered with a lot of old information.

How do I backup my iPhone Podcast subscription list? (Not the epiosdes, just a list of my Subscriptions in order to also import them to another App later on.) I know that they are being saved in my iCloud however I want to have the list safe and secure avaiblae as well.

A help for the most current IOS and OSX would be great.



On macOS Catalina or later, run open ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.podcasts/Data/Documents in Termal to get to the PodcastsDB.plist file in Finder. Then, use this tool to upload that file and convert it to OPML. You can import OPML into pretty much any podcast app. Podcasts exporter for macOS Catalina

Prior to Catalina, you were able to export OPML directly from the iTunes app when you had open the podcasts section of your library. If you have iTunes for Windows I believe you can still do it.

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Thank you very much!!! Sad that there is no realy “official” supported way from Apple. I will try out your way soon.

Unsolicited advice – switch to Overcast.fm and you won’t have this problem again.
And, in my opinion, you’ll never look back.

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