Export marker data from wav file?

I’m a podcaster. I have a network at mededmedia.com. I’m looking to see if it’s possible to export marker data from a wav file (markers are placed while I’m recording on my Zoom H4nPro). I then want to reinsert that data into a new wav file that is created using the audio processing software Auphonic. I’ve put in a feature suggestion to Auphonic to keep the marker data in the new file they create, but in the meantime, I’m seeing if there is another way.

If you are using Auphonic as a plugin to an app like Audition or Premiere (which can read/show Zoom markers) Auphonic says, “All metadata and markers will be exported to Auphonic… Marker times and titles are used to create Chapter Marks (Enhanced Podcasts) in your Auphonic output files.”

Not sure about export with non-Adobe apps, sorry.