Export MindNode to Asana?

I’ve finally wrangled my workflow down to a state that I’m comfortable with and confident in. But, the one thing I can’t quite figure out (and it may because it is not possible) is how to use MindNode to brainstorm and structure a new project and then export it to Asana. I don’t need the two platforms to sync–I’ll add a link/s from Asana to MindNode as needed. I would, however, like to avoid copying and pasting, or retyping, a new MindNode project into Asana once I’m ready.

Does anyone know if there is a way to export a MindNode file to Asana as a project?

Have you tried copy/paste? I know you can do that with mindmaps created in Simplemind and the open source Freeplane mind mapping app (but I think you need to currently disable Gatekeeper to use that app in Catalina).

I do know that MindManager has Zapier hooks with Asana but not MindNode.

I’d consult MindNode support. You may need to export as .xls then import into Asana.

Yes that may be what I need to do. I’ll also ask Mindnode support. Thanks!