Export Notability Notes to Apple Notes?

Is it possible to export Apple Notes to Notability other than as PDFs or images? Ideally, I’d like to be able to continue handwriting in Notability where I left off in Apple Notes. I still plan on keeping to my commitment to not switch apps for one year but I may consider an exception if this is possible mainly because I want to intermix handwriting and typed notes better. In Apple Notes you can only do so vertically but Notabilty has no such limitation. Any help will be appreciated.

There is no file standard or ‘handoff’ for handwriting document formats. Notability can import PDFs, RTFs, text files, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and the app’s custom Note file format. That’s it.

Then just translate Notes handwriting into text, and move that into Notability, yes?

So you plan on definitely keeping your commitment unless you decide not to. :sunglasses:

Indeed! The commitment still holds but I could make one change. :-). I will, confess, and own up to any compromises in my commitment, at the end of the year. I even have an OF task to remind me in Dec. :slight_smile:

PS. Notes can search handwriting but not convert it to text.

Well, I may be keeping that commitment. I like the flexibility of intermixing handwriting and text in Notability but I just discovered three issues, one is a minor issue the other two are show stoppers for me.

Minor issue: Unlike Apple Notes, Notability does not use the first line of the note as the note title. This requiring manually naming the note.

Show Stopper: I cannot drag an Apple Mail email to a Notability note to create a link back to the email. You can do this from Apple Mail to Apple Notes. I link a lot of emails directly to Apple Notes. This makes for easy access and keeps the Apple Notes database smaller.

And, Notability does not have the ability to create URL callbacks on notes whereas Apple Notes does.