Export reminders list?

Is there a way to export a reminders list? Thanks!

You should say which OS you’re using. :policeman:

You can use Workflow Shortcuts in iOS. These two will send Reminders to Notes:


and this will save it as a CSV


On Mac, File > Export produces a single ICS file that contains all to-do items you’ve ever set and never deleted when complete, as well as all active items.

Alternatively, inside a list you can Select All > Copy to get text, then paste it into any other app.


Thanks, and you’re right, I should’ve included the OS. I was specifically referring to iOS 13. Thanks again!

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The app Send Reminders is available on the App Store. It may be easier for certain users than using Workflow.


Hi. I blew 2 hours yesterday trying to get Mac OS Ventura 13.2 to give me creation date of my Reminders. The export is not there anymore from what I see in Reminders. I tried Shortcuts app and could only get it to give the date or the title to view (I am not verse user of the app). Found this today and the export to csv is exactly what I wanted and I changed “Note” to “Creation Date” and this works showing that with Title.

Thank you.

However, while it does create the file it does present popup a message Unable to finish running The output of the shortcut could not be processed. with only OK button option. Odd being it did create the file.

Thanks again for the shortcut/workflow