Exported Slo-Mo videos, but why?

Okay this is kinda silly, but…

I got a pop up window on Mac Photos indicating that it had finished exporting videos. Then a Finder window opened to:


With a bunch of videos in it. I guess I accidentally triggered this export, but I have no idea what happened. Photos typically asks for the folder to export to, and if I had been given an option, it certainly would not have been that one.

Any ideas what I stumbled my way into? Can I delete that folder?

Ugh and thanks.

The /var directory in the underlying operating system contains a variety of data files, including spool (print) directories and files, administrative and logging data, and transient and temporary files. Might you have accidentally selected print from a share sheet with no printer available?

Hmm, interesting idea. I don’t even see print as an option in the share sheet though. I tried selecting a folder and individual photos.

Then perhaps an accidental drag of some selected selected photos somewhere? When you released them, it looked like nothing had happened. Whew! But actually some action had been triggered. (You can tell I’m guessing wildly now!)

This is what I was thinking, just couldn’t figure out how drag lead to that folder. We may never know!

Thanks for playing along though :+1: