Exporting a mindmap to Keynote

I’ve got a detailed outline for a talk prepared in Mindnode. I was wondering if anyone has any clever way to move that over (as, say, an OPML file) to generate the bones of a Keynote presentation.

This problem prompted me to revisit Deckset which I haven’t used in awhile, but I’m having some issues with image formatting. So I decided to go back to old reliable (Keynote).

Hmm I can only think of this two step (at least) process where you’d export the mind map to markdown and then the markdown file to a keynote with a script, md2key I think is one such script

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Different mind mapper and different presentation app, but compatible: iThoughtsX on the Mac can export to PowerPoint.

iThoughts can open .mindnode files without converting them. Setapp subscriptions include iThoughts on macOS.


This works well on iPadOS/iOS also.


iThoughtsX can copy-paste to Curio, you can get an outline that way.

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Oh I did not know this about iThoughts. Thanks! Does this work on iOS and iPadOS as well?


Yes, all the same. iThoughts on iOS/iPadOS is as fully featured as on macOS.