Exporting Apple Contacts to CSV file

Is there a way to export my Apple Contacts to a csv file instead of vcf? I want to look at all my contacts in spreadsheet form.

I’ve seen some 3rd party converters but I know nothing about them so I’m leery of using them.



Try this. Open Apple’s Numbers application and Apple’s Contacts. Select one or more Contacts. Drag into Numbers. I didn’t check if ALL contact fields go over, but it’s a start. While I have never used any of the 3rd party apps (found via Google), they might do a better job. Don’t know.

I actually found that same idea by googling but it didn’t work. But I went back and tried it and it did work. The key is not to drag it into a cell but to the corner of the spreadsheet (anywhere not over a cell).

Thanks for making me redo it and seeing that it does work. Seeing all my contacts this way will make it so much easier to clean up the mess that is my address book.

Or, create a sheet with no tables on it – a blank sheet – and drag the contacts onto the blank sheet.