Exporting from Goodlinks to DevonThink (with Meta data)

Morning all,

I’m trying to clean up my Read-it-Later process. My current way of thinking is that I’ll dump everything into GoodLinks and, after regular reviews, move those articles that are going to be of long-term use to me into my DevonThink inbox.

There are a couple of requirements for this:

  • I’d like the exported file to be in PDF format (rather than a bookmark)
  • I’d like the URL of the source content to be passed as Meta data (which rules out the simple method of simply exporting the content into DT via the share menu)

I’m guessing there must be a way to do this either by short cuts or perhaps via GoodLinks Actions menu, but I’m kinda new to the app and I’m not sure how that works. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot in advance

I’m not familiar with GoodLinks, but you can probably do most of this on the DEVONthink end via Smart Rules. Configure a Smart Rule to take all bookmarks dropped into a particular folder and convert them to PDFs. The details will depend on how exactly the GoodLinks export works.

Take a look at this: How to import CSV of URLS as Web Archives (with Tags)? - DEVONthink / Automation - DEVONtechnologies Community

I outlined my GoodLinks to DEVONthink workflow here. I suspect it’s more labor-intensive than what you’re looking for, though.

ETA: Ah, I see you don’t want to use the share sheet … I missed that when I replied.