Exporting from Messages - Need Solution/Legal Matter

Has anyone had any experience with the softwares that are out there that will allow you to export texts/messages from an iPhone?

Someone close to me is in an unfortunate legal situation and his attorney wants his text/messages conversations. A quick search has shown some software options that could do this - any advice/info on those out there to help avoid making this difficult situation even more frustrating?


I use iMazing. It has the option to export your text messages to pdf / text / csv. Might be an option.


+1 for Imazing, although there are others out there I haven’t tried

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+2 for iMazing. I also needed it for a legal matter and it was perfect.

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Worked like a charm! Exactly wha I needed - thanks for the help.

+3 for Imazing it is a great app for interfacing with Iphone