Exporting HealthKit data: how? (without ending up with a 22 bytes zip file)

When I export my HealthKit data (currently 2.67 GB…) I always end up with a zip file of 22 bytes…

(in Files or Readdle Documents, after several minutes of waiting for the export to be prepared)

Of course compression cannot be that efficient and the file is corrupt.

What way of exporting HealthKit data (for backup) does work?

  • go to your profile (head in the upper right corner)
  • select Export at the bottom of the page
  • confirm the export

How do you know its 2.67GB of Health data? For me the zip is only 26MB for 1 year with an Apple Watch.

Sorry, should have posted what I tried in the 1st post, which is exactly what you posted.

However, I always end up with a 22 bytes zip file when doing this.

That’s what I see in the storage part of the settings on the iPhone.

Bulk of the data is probably indeed from the Apple Watch (which I have for more than 1,000 days).

For me its 255MB data according to iPhone Settings.

Do you have more then one iOS-device? If you store your Health-data in iCloud, maybe you can export from there?

Or is your iCloud-storage full?

Yes, I have more than 1 iOS device and do already store my Health data in iCloud.

iCloud is not full; almost 4 (out of 5) GB available, which does not match with the other numbers…

However, I don’t see any Health data when I access iCloud Drive.

No you don’t see it in iCloud directly, but they synced to your other device. So you can try to export there. Maybe not the current data, 1-2 days behind for me. But worth a try.

The volume is obviously the issue with this. Fragmentation of the data into more manageable chunks seems like the most logical approach given hardware and OS limitations.

Workflow (app) can extract sub-sets of health data, but it would be a lot of work to export everything. If you just want a specific sub-set of data then maybe it would work for you.

The alternative to that would be a health app with granularity controls for exporting of health data. Not tried it myself, but maybe this one or one like it?

I’ve been using an app, QS Access. It is free! It exports a CSV file with columns for medical information you select. This keeps the size reasonable, but you can’t export a subset of dates.

Good thinking!

Unfortunately my other iOS devices are old iPhones (pre-iOS 10) or iPads, so I’m afraid this won’t work in my case.

“all the other things” you have tried? (restarting the iPhone, killing health app)

Tried again with iOS 12 GM. This time the zip file is 84 GB, but it’s still corrupt.

Scriptable might be an alternative. Too bad that Apple rejected the use of HealthKit in the App Store version: