Exporting pfd index

Does anyone know how to export a pdf index so that I can print it as a prefix in my hardcopy handout.

Thanks, Rob.

In Preview’s Print dialog you can easily select index pages and print them or make them their own separate pdf

Maybe I was not specific enough. I have a Table of Content in a pdf (which is not page 1 through x) of the document. It is embedded in the pdf, but I want to print this embedded information.

If you look at my screenshot, the index starts at page 4.

I think @RobA is asking about a table of contents that appears in the sidebar of the PDF app, not one that’s part of the printable document.

So, this bit:

Unfortunately, aside from something like screenshotting the sidebar and printing that, I’m not aware of a good way to print it.

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Ah. Those ToCs are a form of bookmark. It may be possible to export them using Pandoc, as mentioned here:

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Nuance’s Power PDF for Mac does this. (Gnash teeth at this point because Nuance are not anyone’s idea of Mac-friendly.) I don’t know why no-one else does.

I’m not sure if you have to create the bookmarks in Power PDF for it to work.

You can copy the table of contents using PDFOutliner.