Exporting Todoist Projects/Tasks to OmniFocus

After listening to the last MPU podcast, I am considering trying out OmniFocus. I currently use Todoist heavily in my law practice. Since I have absolutely no interest in spending an entire day copying and pasting projects and tasks from Todoist into OmniFocus, does anyone know if there is a way to export everything from Todoist into OmniFocus seamlessly?

I don’t think there is an easy way. ToDoist backups are csv files, one for each project. You can import individual csv files into Omnioutliner (not OF though).

In theory if you save as an omnioutliner file you can import this into OF. OF will only import an OmniOutliner file. Nothing else.

In practice it has always ended up a complete mess for me. There doesn’t seem to be the facility to map todoist tags etc

Wow. I was already put off OmniFocus because of its price and that it is locked to Apple platforms. This is another reminder for me to avoid it.

ToDoist is a really great app. I still use it for collaborative projects, mainly family stuff. OF or Things can’t do that. I love OF too, but no other apps got a look in on the last podcast. Maybe that will be addressed later

There’s not much in a Todoist export that would be of any user to OmniFocus or other task manager. For example, the headers in a Todoist .csv export as shown when the file is opened in Numbers:


i’m waiting to try OF once the web version is done.

really looking forward to it … since its so praised among the task mgmt world

current Todoist User (2 years now)

Now that the hype of the MPU podcast has worn off a bit, I’m inclined to stay with Todoist. It’s a known quantity that “just works.”

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Not a bad plan. I had the same but opposite realization. I’ve been using OmniFocus for a number of years and am still on OmniFocus 2 across my devices. I figured it was a god time to revisit the task manager land scape, if I’m going to drop some coin on OF3, perhaps look at what I could be spending my money on instead. There’s lots of chatter about Things and Todoist so I scoped them out and although they all look like capable apps, in the end ddecieded I’d stay with OmniFocus (and upgrade to OF3) because it works very well for me. At best I’d be making a lateral move and either spending more money to do so (Things) or adding a subscription (Todoist).

So, sometimes the best thing is the thing you’re already using!