ExpressVPN Increases Prices, Adds Password Manager

Due to my international travel, the school pays for my ExpressVPN service. ExpressVPN just increased their prices but also announced a new password manager as part of the annual subscription. Below is the text of the email I received.

What are your first impressions of the PW manager after you read the description (see link below) of the service?

For some who are paying for a VPN and a PW manager, this could be a good deal. Thoughts?

Hi Barrett,

In our 14 years in business, we’ve never stopped innovating for you. TrustedServer, ensuring your data never touches a hard drive. Lightway, bringing speed, stability, and better battery life to all your connections. Threat Manager, letting you control what your other apps reveal about you. And those are just some of the latest.

We unveiled our unconditional 30-day money-back guaranteeway back in 2009. A couple years later, we introduced 24/7 support by live chat. We developed apps for all major platforms, and they’re now available in 17 languages and counting. Today, our award-winning Aircove router extends VPN protection to every last device in your home. And the list goes on.

We do all of this because we don’t believe in cutting corners—not when it comes to your privacy, security, and online freedom. But building and operating what we believe to be the world’s best VPN service takes enormous resources, and our costs have never stopped rising.

So we’re having to do something we have managed to avoid since we started ExpressVPN back in 2009: Update our prices. At the end of your current 12-month term, or September 8, 2023, your renewal price will be $116.95 USD.

Should you wish to make any changes to your subscription renewal settings, you may do so here.

New benefits available to you today

As part of our commitment to keep enhancing your experience, we’re excited to share the next wave of features and benefitsavailable to you. You can start taking advantage of these now, as part of your current subscription:

device50x50 Up to 8 simultaneous VPN connections—up from 5
keys50x50 A built-in password manager, Keys, for all your devices

We invite you to learn more about these changes. And rest assured, we intend to continue investing in our service and technology to bring you the safest, smoothest, and freest online experience, just as we have always done.

We are grateful for the trust you’ve shown in allowing us to protect you. And we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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I used ExpressVPN for several years and it would be my first choice should I need one again. And in these inflationary times price increases are to be expected.

Keys may prove to be a secure password manager but it is fresh out of beta and I wouldn’t use a password manager without a proven record. And it appears to only work with Chrome/Chromium on Mac at this time, if that is a factor.

I recommend Mullvad. Everything is reliable and affordable. They let you set up an account with 16 numbers only without gathering any of your information.

But now I am using Private Relay from iCloud+ because it is enough for me.


I don’t really like their communication, which is saying they need to increase prices, but then you get a free product that costs them money to maintain.
Prices going up is not a bad thing, though.

I’ve just decided to try going with Proton who do a similar kind of thing, with VPN, password management and Drive joining their email service.

For Express VPN it will depend on how well their Key App works.
Password management is hitting the mainstream, and everyone seems to want in on it.

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My only issue with Mullvad is I find it really common using their VPN for me to be deluged by Captcha requests.


Very happy with ProtonVPN. ProtonPass I have not used much as I’m using. A different one.

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