External Drive Will Not Mount

My external drive that has my time machine back up on it suddenly has stopped mounting. It appears in disk utility as unmounted but won’t mount and running first aid comes back with an error. When I go into terminal and try and mount the drive I get the following error message ‘Volume on disk3s1 timed out waiting to mount’

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get it mount or even get the data off of the drive?

If it’s a time machine backup drive and the Mac it’s backing up is ok. Rush order a new one and start a new backup.

If you need data from the drive you might let it cool off and keep it cool with a fan while salvaging data. Alternatively it has to go out to a data recovery center.

It was big enough that it held a bunch of old media that honestly if the worst thing is i lose it so be it, mostly shows and movies I had acquired during hard drive swaps while deployed.

I’ve had the same thing happen. I haven’t been able to recover it with Disk Drill. I thought about trying Disk Warrior(is that still a thing?), but it’s not really worth the price to me.

I’ve been running a scan by TestDrive not really sure at this point what I’m going to get out of it. Seems like a whole other level of computing than I general try.

When this happens to me, I put the disk into another enclosure. Sometimes it is just the usb interface that has failed

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Looking into the WD My Passport the USB interface is integrated into the drive so that’s not an options.

As it turns out… you could extract the HD from the My Passport and put it in another enclosure to see if it mounts. I have had about a 50/50 level of success with this method. I would also second placing the HD in the fridge for a few hours and trying to get it to mount.

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