External Hard Drive Showing Incorrect Amount of Free Disk Space

I have an external hard drive, a Toshiba 4TB model, which I use for occasional backups. Approximately 3.5TB of space was utilized before I deleted a multitude of previous backups to create new ones. After emptying the bin, I anticipated a significant increase in available space. However, when I examined the drive’s information “Get Info”, it still indicated that 3.5TB was being utilized. When checking in Finder, I see that less than 1TB is occupied. In the past, I resolved this issue by disconnecting and reconnecting the hard drive. Unfortunately, this method did not work this time. And finder will not let me copy any files, because then half a terabyte onto the disk.Despite conducting a Google search, I have been unable to find any solutions. Does anyone have insight into what might be causing this discrepancy and how to resolve it? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Per.

Sorry, I forgot to provide the information of the devices. The Toshiba is a Canvio Flex from 2022 and it is connected to a MacBook Pro M1.

Why? Dunno. Why not just reformat to start again.

Two reasons: Firstly, I have data on the drive and I want to avoid making a backup. However, if there is no other solution, that’s what I’ll do. Secondly, I would like to understand what is causing this and what is happening.

Have you run first aid in Disk Utility - I had something similar with one of my externals.

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Yes I have. It didn’t fix the problem!:weary: