External hard drive

I’d like to purchase an external hard drive to use with my iPad Air 3 which I bought this year. I have the dongle if I need it. (Also I have a new iPhone SE.)

I have tried flash drives but haven’t had much luck. I use one now but it is so tedious because I have to back up slowly as it’s finicky.

If you were to buy one, which one might you recommend? I’m really in the dark even about the better brands.

Think: easy, reliable of course, under $100. One T or less. (The reviews I’ve read haven’t been very helpful.) I mainly want to backup photos and other graphic files.


My choice is the Samsung T-5. About $80 for a 500GB, $140 for 1 TB.

Sorry, answered before I had my coffee. I use the Samsung with an iPad Pro. The SanDisk iXpand drives, described in the article @bowline posted, worked great with my standard iPads.

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This iMore article was posted three days ago.

Thank you, Wayne! I’ll check it out!

Thank you, Bowline! I certainly apparently it!