External harddisk/SSD cataloging

I have a number of external SSDs and harddisks that store different files and some have duplications / backup

Is there a good app / means to create a searchable catalog for all the files? I came across DiskCatalogMaker but it is very expensive

If a text file would suffice you could use the command line utility find.


I use the wonderfully named Offline Disks File Searcher.

I bought it instead of a NAS as it was a substantially cheaper way of getting easy access to many TB of data I have lying around.

I found Neofinder, running a trial now, seems good so far. Even have iPad/iOS app to interagate the offline disk/SSD database. The Mac app seems regularly maintained

It’s a very good application for that purpose though. It all depends of course, but I wouldn’t call $39 “very expensive”. Unless you don’t need all the bells and whistles.

are you referring to DiskCatalogMaker ? It is US$69.9 , unless I got it wrong

That’s a family license.

you are right, but that is misleading from Mac App Store

CleanShot 2022-06-28 at 20.30.24

I have compared Neofinder with two other apps to scan a 500GB WD My passport Ultra.

first image is from Neofinder, second is from DiskCatalogMaker and the last one is from DaisyDisk. Results from DiskcatalogMaker and DaisyDisk are very closed but Neofinder is way out.

Not sure what caused the variation in result

CleanShot 2022-06-29 at 10.01.15



I will hazard a guess. The different applications catalog different files at a certain point. The on line information that says how NeoFinder compares with other cataloging apps suggests that NeoFinder has the most extensive list for file extensions that are recognized.


I shared the result with the developer of Neofinder. Now I realised that “ignore invisibile items and package contents” were the default settings. Once I uncheck that, it produced the same results as others. I like this optionality and end up buying the app

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Thanks. This is useful information for comparison.