External monitor - is this one a good option?

Hi there,

I’m planning to buy an external monitor to plug my MacBook Air.

Is this a good option?

What else would I need besides a keyboard, mouse and webcam? HDMI cable?

We had a thread about the 600 model.

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Thank you. I sent this one because that’s the one available here in Brazil. I don’t know a thing about monitors.

I have 27UK500-B 27in 4K and the LG UltraFine 27UN850-W 27(USB-C port) , they both work fine with an m1 Mac mini driving them. The monitors do come with an HDMI and Display port cables.

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Thank you. I understand they don’t have built-in speakers, that’s right?

The UN850 has speakers, the UK500 does not have speakers, but it does have an audio out port which I connect to speakers.

Great. Thank you very much.

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I have the 27UK650 and it has developed quite severe backlight leakage in under 2 years.

When it was not leaking light, it was OK but nothing special. It does have one very annoying feature — the auto-power-off when it loses the signal is ridiculously short — a few seconds — and you cannot alter that. When you have a Mac that has trouble detecting screens on boot this can be a nightmare.

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Hm, that’s good to know. Thank you!

I have Apple’s version of the LG UltraFine 4K Display and like it a lot, although it’s more expensive than some alternatives. On the plus side it has enough ports and power built in that I did not have to buy a separate dock. I connect (and disconnect) my MBP from my desktop components with one Thunderbolt cable. The MBP’s power cable and wall charger remain in the box unused.