External SSD is offline when CCC wants to start a backup

I’ve recently started using CCC to make weekly bootable backups to an external SSD connected via USB. I did the first backup manually, no problem. I then created a scheduled backup in CCC to do that weekly, but my external SSD is offline when CCC wants to start the scheduled backup.
Is there a way to keep the SSD available so that CCC can run the backups?

DIsk Utility shows the drive as “not mounted”


Once mounted the disk should remain mounted until you unmount it, so you can mount it again (right click in Disk Utility) and leave it.
Do you have anything installed like Jettison that ejects disks on sleep?

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That’s what I thought.
The other thing that is strange is that this SSD should be a complete image of the SSD in my MacMini.
Finder doesn’t even see the drive, so there is no filesystem there. The only way I can even see the drive is through Disk Utility.

I’ve had great success with every SSD that I’ve used, this is the first one that looks like it is bad.

I do not have Jettison installed, nor anything like it. I didn’t even know about that kind of program.

DU won’t even let me mount this SSD now.
Let me reboot and try agin, otherwise I’m going to retun this SSD to Amazon