External webcam, Monterey

Sooooo, who else upgraded their computers to Monterey over the weekend, only to discover during your very first Zoom meeting on Monday morning that your webcams are now somewhere between flaky and useless? (Logitech, in my case.)

My Logitech BRIOR seems to be working. I haven’t tried it on a call but when I go to settings and video, it is working.

Same my Brio is working ok for me, I am not sure if the OS would lead to flaky image. Or by flaky you mean is not stable?

No Logitech issues here on Monterey (C922, Logitech Gaming configuration software, GoToMeeting and Google Meet)

Also a Logitech Brio user without any issues to report.

Yup, same problem, Logitech webcam is no longer recognized by macOS. :unamused:

I think you comment was meant for @mepelman. :grinning:

Yep sorry, I just quoted your previous comment, but it also replied to you.

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By “flaky” I mean that I never know whether the camera will work normally, connect but show a blank black screen, or not get recognized by the computer at all…

Which Logitech specifically do you have?