Extra Photos library on iPad Pro



I don’t know why I typed ‘Google Folders’ ! :confused: I type faster than I think sometimes - I meant ‘Photos’.

Good luck with the upload. I use GP only rarely to share small albums, but the people I know who are all-in on it sing its praises to me, and it’s always gotten good reviews.


So I’m having so many problems uploading those family photos that I exported from my secondary Photos Library to Google Photos. It just doesn’t work for me. Not with the Menubar Uploader from Google and neither the through the browser. Some photos simply don’t make it up there and for some reason, it keeps adding more photos than I initially pointed it at. Typical, and might I add, frustrating Google experience. But it’s free right and I’m too cheap to pay for a proper service.

So I’m thinking that I should maybe merge these family photos with my primary iCloud Photo library, which consists of photos from the digital age, basically from 2006 onwards, when I began capturing all my photos with a phone.

I have about 6000 photos in my primary Apple Photos library and about 1000 videos in there as well. Then I have about 6000 photos that are scanned family photos already in my second Photos library and exported to a folder as well on my Mac.

I am thinking about merging these two and what would be the best way to do it. It would obviously create a behemoth of photos and a database of about 70 GB, and increasing, of precious memories. I’m worried that it might be too much for a single Photos library to handle. Any experience out there with huge Apple Photos Libraries and storing them through iCloud and accessing them other devices?

The reason, I haven’t merged the two Photos libraries earlier is the worry that it might create a sluggish experience when trying to interact with the libraries on my devices.

Another reason is that the scanned family photos have no metadata. Specifically dates and years are non-existent. This means that if I import 6000 photos into my primary library then those new photos would really mess with the library’s structure.

Therefore I’m thinking that I would sit down with my old mother and try to sort through when all these photos were taken. That in itself would be a great experience actually. It would obviously take a long time. But another benefit would be Photos face recognition and the fact that I might not need Google Photos after all.

Is there a way to share photos in Apple Photos? Because then I would be able to just select all the family photos that I want to share with people and then have them access it directly from Apple Photos. But I don’t know how the sharing works in Apple Photos and if it is any good. Any experience with that?


My Photos library is well over 100GB. No problems with it in iCloud or on my Apple devices.


Thanks Chris.

Are you famaliar with sharing selecte photos from your Photos Library online to other Apple users as well as non-Apple users?


I don’t really do much photo sharing.