Extracting Apple Notes textured 'paper' background

Big Sur and iOS 14 are said to eliminate the textured paper background from Apple Notes. I actually like it

Image on 2020-08-05 08.51.06 PM

I’d like to try using that background in Scrivener, maybe after tinting it a bit grayer.

Old versions of macOS Notes retained their backgrounds as paper.tiff inside the app’s Contents>Resources, which you used to be able to see (and grab) when opening the app’s Package contents. But my copy on Mojave no longer has a single tiff file (nor could some sniffer apps like Artwork Extractor find it.) It instead has some code which apparently translates into embedding the paper background.

Image on 2020-08-05 08.32.55 PM

Also in the old days I’d back up iOS apps to my Mac and be able to open the .ipa files and similarly root around and pull images and sounds. I can’t do that now.

Aside from simple making a large Mac/Notes page and screenshotting it (which doesn’t work well), does anyone have an idea how to extract the original, high quality background image? Or is my Google-fu failing me and is there something downloadable somewhere on the net?