Extracting highlights from Apple Books (iOS)?

I need to extract a bunch of highlights from a book in Apple Books on my iPad.
How does one go about doing that exactly?

Notes Tab > sharesheet “Edit Notes” > select all > Share > mail to yourself (or add to Notes)


Thanks. That is the most convoluted way of doing something useful with a feature like that. I only see the share to mail function btw. Why would I want to email highlights from Books, it’s just so strange

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try this app–I only used it with kindle but it says it does iBooks


Thanks. Those things usually require a mac but I’ll look into it

oh right, yeah, I don’t think there’s an app like that for iOS. Sorry I missed the context here. If you even have infrequent access to a Mac this could be a way to gather the notes.

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Did you look at Books?

He’s just telling you one of the options – send to mail. You can use any of the options in the Share sheet. The others are share to: Notes, Copy, AirDrop, etc.

I’m talking about Apple Books, yes :blush:

As I mentioned, the only option for me is to share via Mail.app and therefore I was criticising Apple for being convoluted with a very useful feature (notes and highlights in their Books app).

I mean taking notes and doing highlights is only really useful for me if I can export them. And they sure made that very convoluted to do :blush:

That’s the only option I see as well. Bonkers.

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I know that Readwise is working on a way to make this possible with Apple Books outside of MacOS

Reopening this thread as I am looking for a similar solution, did you find anything else ?

Doesn’t seem like it just yet. Still waiting on ReadWise. There’s a whole thread on this on the forum re the last episode of MPU