Face / eye gestures for accessibility (and convenience)

Now that iPads have face recognition, it would be really cool if (you that have them) could set up face and eye gestures. For instance, when I’m snuggled in and don’t want to move my hand from under the blanket to turn the page in the Kindle app, a quick face or eye gesture would do the trick nicely.
For people with motor disabilities, this would be even more meaningful, and allow face / eye gesture based navigation of apps, using the Home app to control home accessories, perhaps keyboard control, etc.

I thought I remembered someone coming up with a web browser that you could control with your eyes or something. It sounded like a gimmick but I haven’t tried it myself. I just tried to find it in the App Store and failed… no big surprise there. Maybe someone else will remember the name.

Apple won a U.S. patent in 2017 for gesture recognition, which as we’ve seen thus far has not been incorporated in any device. The technology was developed by PrimeSense, which developed the Kinect technology, and is now owned by Apple.

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