Face ID - Having RSI/Carpel Tunnel Problems?

So I didn’t upgrade last year - but i was 7sPlus user who upgraded to Iphone 10S MAX
omg my wrists have been on fire bc I always have to pick Up the phone to unlock where as I guess my muscle memory was conditioned to leaving the phone stable and pressing the button.

Its driving me crazy to the point i almost thought about downgrading to an 8 but everything else is so great about the phone i veto’d that Idea

I’m wondering am I doing something wrong do I need to re-take my face ID scan like do yall always have to pick UP the phone to unlock?

Please help
-signed In pain :sleepy:

Go to Settings > FaceID & Passcode and turn off FaceID or limit when it’s required.


Thank you i didn’t even check to see that it was customization … i just ASSUMED face-ID was like the no headphone jack deal as in non-negotiable

I suffered terible wrist pain like you describe for three awful years. Using any phone/tablet/pc hurt. I became obsessed with finding the solution and eventually did. It probably sounds stupid, but I read this book by John Sarno. There is also a documentary about the guy called All The Rage.

Why should picking up a tiny phone cause you pain? Think about it.

Good luck!

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agree! how fitting i’m a big follower of naturopathy and other esoteric sciences and using the power of the subconscious mind to heal - wish this book was on audible but i’m going to pick up the kindle copy right now

Thank you

This is probably a neurological condition known as focal task-specific dystonia. It often affects musicians and others who perform repetitive tasks. It is thought to be caused by an expansion of brain areas in the motor cortex representing the fingers or hand. As the name says, it can be task-specific, so for example, playing a flute would cause pain, whereas finger tapping would not. Likewise picking up a phone can cause pain, while picking up a deck of cards would not.

focal task-specific dystonia

I was told a lot of things by experts, but reading that book solved it for me.