Facebook JPG uploads hang with Safari

I just get the spinning circle, shown in the GIF below. I let it run several minutes.

Seems to be with JPGs (works with and animated GIF and with text alone), and I’ve tried some under 1000 px dimensions and some 2000+.
Turned off all Safari extensions and restarted Safari.
Restarted MacBook Air.

Chrome works fine.

FB posting progress

I’ve been having multiple problems with Safari the last couple of months or so. It doesn’t work well with several sites that I’ve used for years. And FYI, some financial sites make it very difficult to log in if Private Relay is turned on.

My solution was to switch to Microsoft Edge until Apple fixes Safari. So far Edge has been problem free.

Is iCloud Private Relay turned on in Safari settings? Try turning it off and see if that makes a difference.

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No, Private Relay is turned off. I even turned it on and then back off to make certain, and the problem persists. Maybe time to call Apple support…

P.S. I’ve also updated to Monterrey, 12.5.

What happens if you create a brand new profile on the Mac and then try Facebook from Safari without any extensions or anything installed?

Thanks! That worked. Now that I know it’s something in my account (and not a Safari extension) should I toss Safari’s preferences file? It’s not in ~/Library/Preferences or …/Containers. Any idea where Monterey’s put it?

I also tried going to Safari’s Websites preferences and under Content Blockers set Facebook.com to Off. No dice.

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It might be one of inbuilt tracking blockers. Use it in incognito. I just use a separate browser for FB, Instagram, twitter and the likes

Tried with a new, private browsing window, and it didn’t help. Good idea, though. Guess I’ll just use Chrome for my posting, which happens just every other day or so.

But it is interesting that all was fine in a new user account.

Is there a way to “reset” Safari, without losing my bookmarks? I could grab screenshots of all my prefs, so rebuilding that wouldn’t be hard. Tnanks!

Could be a bug, or perhaps privacy features that Apple is building in. Good for Apple. Anything that causes certain Facebook functions to break is OK with me.

No offense intended to the original poster or others who enjoy using Facebook. I simply wanted to point out that Apple’s increasing use of privacy features is incompatible with Facebook’s basic business model of user tracking, manipulation of users to increase “engagement”, and collection and cross-referencing of user data to target ads or sell the data to others. Facebook’s management publicly acknowledged this in repeated advertisements - link: link to Facebook’s ad criticizing Apple’s policy