FaceTime eye contact correction

If it works nicely I hope this feature is on by default.

If I’m looking into people’s eyes when doing video chat I want it to look like I’m looking in their eyes. It is super creepy that everybody I video chat with looks distracted because the camera and the video image are not lined up.

Glad to hear someone else make this point as all of our favorite podcasters seem to think the opposite. I’ve heard this described as a deep fake, or as a misrepresentation of reality. Actually, when I am staring at my screen, I’m making eye contact with the person on the other end. BUT the hardware makes this look inaccurate because the camera is above, distorting reality. This feature actually corrects reality. This is the right use of technology!


After hearing a bunch of different people talk about this feature over the last week or so, I was beginning to think that I’d totally misunderstood what it was doing as I couldn’t work out why everyone was being so negative.

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Same here! A very nice feature and it seems to work great,
Don’t get what all the fuss is about.
But I guess even podcasters need clickbait…

I can’t remember; is it all devices that gets this software “voodoo” or is it only the newest models (I’m on 7+ & 10.5" Pro)?

My exact same thoughts! :slight_smile: And those are the same guys who push their voice through multiple instances of audio gear: compressors, noise gates, equalizers, digital effects and what not. Everything to sound “good”. :slight_smile: I have no issues with that, but I have to agree: this new Face Time feature does not feel different to me. It corrects an issue so that everything looks “good” afterwards again.

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This feature sounds wonderful (if it works well) and may eve make up for Apple’s strange insistence on putting the FaceTime camera on the side of the iPad Pro instead of the top :smile:

Ah… the camera is actually on the top…

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Nonsense! When the iPad Pro is oriented in the “correct” way (landscape) then the camera is on the left side! (This is entirely tongue-in-cheek, but honestly I have yet to see one of these things being used in portrait mode for FaceTime for any length of time. Actually, I can’t recall the last time I saw anyone using an iPad Pro in portrait mode: they’re nearly always in a case-stand (usually) with a keyboard, as the laptop replacements that they seem to be becoming :wink: )

I know, I know ;-).

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