FaceTime, what am I doing wrong?

When my wife and I try to FaceTime each other there connection never goes through. I am with T-Mobile, not on any betas, and both have iPhone 15s.

When I use my iPad mini to make three FaceTime call it goes through with no problem.

What could the problem be?

A wild guess on my part, but the phones are using cellular, the mini WiFi?

No, the mini is cellular too.

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In Facetime Settings for both of you …

  • enabled Apple ID on
  • “You can be reached for Face Time at” checked on correctly for the phones and emails you wish take incoming calls from
  • neither of you have the other on the blocked call list

All the settings are correct.

Then my hunch is that it is the network connection or lack of a connection. How to debug a mystery to me. Start with trying a “ping” between machines, any VPNs in the way, DNS not working on one or both.

Try doing a FaceTime with someone else?

I have never had to debug FaceTime and I use it all the time, with people around the world. So I have no more thoughts other than the hunch that the issue is not FaceTime.

I suspect the phones will work with the next iOS update from Apple.

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