✅ Failed Experiment? Obsidian Publish for Blog

I’ll cross-post this to the Obsidian forum but I much prefer this one given how helpful everyone always is.

I was hoping to save a few pennies by moving from Squarespace to Obsidian Publish for my blog. I email new article updates to my subscribers by providing the new article URL in the email.

I have been able to successfully publish a fewer older articles in Obsidian as an experiment. That is working fine. However, when I copy the article URL for my Obsidian site and then send the URL link via email to myself as a test, when I click on that link in the email, I get the “404 File not found Oops, this file does not exist. Try look for something else” error message.

I am not using a custom Obsidian domain. Should I be?

Any ideas?

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@anon41602260 thanks. I was doing what you described but I think I discovered the odd solution. This may be only an Apple Mail issue, I’m not sure as I still need to test with Gmail.

Previously I would past the article URL in the body of the message then hit the space key to “activate” the link and then I’d send it.

However, if I paste the link, DON’T hit the space bar but instead just send it, it works perfectly.

I’m sure there is a technical explanation but I have no clue. At least I can get this to work. Now, I’ll experiment with MailChimp and Gmail to see how this works.

UPDATE: It is also working in Gmail. I think this is going to work after all. I’ll work on this for a few months and if all goes well I may cancel my Squarespace account and domain registration and just rely on Obsidian Publish. At $4/month it is a bargain.


One thing to think about might be RSS and other methods of helping readers follow progress.

I started a thread on options for classic blog-like publishing with linked thinking on the Obsidian forum a while back:

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You are a wealth of good information!

I just read through what you posted and have copied and paste it into my Obsidian vault for reference and follow up. Great ideas and relatively easy to implement, with the exception of the RSS feed, which I suspect is way above my tech pay grade. :grin:

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I do think the devs will add to Publish eventually. Here’s the feature request:

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