Faithlife / Logos - do you do the version upgrades every time they roll out?

I know we have a number of religious MPU people here, and I’ve seen some discussion of Logos in the past.

For those of you who use it, do you do the version upgrades every time they roll out? Or do you run the old stuff until it won’t work anymore, then upgrade?

Their release cycle isn’t that crazy (every two years-ish?), but it also feels like one of the main points of a new version is to rejigger the base packages and sell more book licenses.

Curious as to your thoughts. :slight_smile:

I’m running 9.5. I upgrade the software ~3-4 years. That is sufficient for my purposes.

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I use the basic version (which appears to be version 9 now) with resources I’ve purchased one off or through their free book of the month promotions. I sometimes have to wait a few months to get the latest version and you don’t get access to every feature but it’s been fine for me. I’m a light user though. :slight_smile:

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I do the regular upgrades - mostly for the bundled resources. It’s the most cost-effective way I’ve found to keep building my library.

When I started with Logos they mostly had classic books and sets. But over the years they’ve started including more current scholarship resources and works. Buying the upgrade is the most cost-effective way I’ve found to get access to the newer resources.

(I don’t use much of the other stuff, Sermon Builder, Proclaim, etc. None of the churches I regularly preach in have much in the way of technology in the worship space. No idea if that’s helpful to people in more “modern” worship settings.)

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I do the regular upgrades. I don’t need the other stuff they offer (sermon builder, proclaim, etc)
I usually look into their bundles to see what they offer. I am a picky reader.

My issues with Logos:

  1. The experience between Mac and iPad is a wide gap. Almost frustrating at times. To workaround this, my iPad is more of just a ‘reader’ when it comes to Logos, whereas the Mac is where I will do more study.

  2. Slow development. Last time I was in the forums when the M1 was released, there was still discussion being had whether to release it or not for the M1.

Aside from those 2 items, it works great!! I was taking Greek last year as a course, it was very helpful to utilize.


Yep. There’s a vast performance gap between macOS and Windows too. It’s like a completely different app (performance wise) when you load it up on Windows. I really wish they’d devote resources to making the macOS app perform better.

Suggestions for those who are venturing into the greek text:

  • Diogenes with the TLG texts
  • GoldenDict for using the dictionaries (Perseus Index, LSJ, BDAG, Pape, Bailly, and so on).

(Just google these and you’ll probably find them)

(I tried the software once but couldn’t get it to work with TLG texts.)