False 'Find My' notification

Does anybody know why I get the odd notification that I’ve left my AirPods Pro behind, on my apple watch, when I know full well they’re in my right pocket where - they live – always.

It’s quite irritating. Does anybody have an explanation as to why this might happen? And does it happen to you?

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Or even in your ears. I’ve had that happen.

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I am seeing this ALL THE TIME.

I get this on a semi regular basis.

9to5Mac says:

*You can turn off Find My alerts to prevent it from happening, or just turn off Announce Notifications if it’s too annoying.“

It’s so annoying. And quite upsetting if you’re traveling.

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Sounds like it’s an Apple glitch as opposed to something I’m doing or not doing.

Kinda defeats the purpose and is annoying for sure. Turning it off seems counter productive because the first time that I really do lose them or leave them behind, I’m going to the gutted.

Comforting to know it’s not just me :triumph:

I’d also like to close the gap between when it fires a legitimate notice of having left your hardware behind. I don’t need that while I’m halfway down the motorway when it could’ve told me within two or 3 feet of leaving the thing behind.

Come on Apple… Sort it out.

I get it on my Mac a lot when out.

I think Live Notifications would go a ways since they could hide the notification once they seem no longer lost (should happen quickly if it’s just noise in the Find My network.)

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Yeah, I’ve gotten this for years. Annoying, especially when I have them in my ears.

I did go to the Apple Store Genius Bar once. Their only possible solution was to delete the vpn app from my phone which was nonsensical but I did it. No luck.

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