Family sharing, change country and keep using separate ID for apps on original country

I want to change my family’s iCloud IDs to a new country (me, my wife and my son) and create a family sharing.
I also use a separate ID for App store purchases. After I change the country of my iCloud ID, I want to keep the ability to alternate to my App Store ID on the old country (not part of family sharing).

  1. Does Family sharing restricts the alternation between Apple IDs of different countries on the App Store? (I know it’s possible on “not family” accounts).
  2. Do the iCloud storages for all accounts transfer automatically to the new country?

I decided to be my own guinea pig and gladly, everything worked out ok. So the answers are:

  1. No restrictions, it’s still possible to alternate between accounts on the App Store with Family Sharing enabled, just like you do on standalone accounts.
  2. Yes, iCloud storage transfers automatically, no need to disable or downgrade anything.
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I am about to do the same thing. Need to switch my family sharing account to a new country. I will likely create a new account in the original country to be able to download country-specific apps, but want my main account/icloud/services to be in the new country.

Few questions:
Did you run into any troubles with subscriptions?
Did you end up having family members in a different country? Or did the whole family move?


I didn’t have any subscriptions, so that’s was not a concern for me. I don’t know how Apple handles this nowadays.
I moved the whole family iCloud accounts and kept my App Store account in the original country.


I took the plunge and changed the family over. Had to cancel all subscriptions, even the iCloud and family plan (you get a grace period to download your data so if you re-subscribe in the new country no data is lost)

All other subs keep running until they expire. You will then have to manually renew them. Other than that it worked out fine.

Cheers for that information. If you resubscribe to the same apps in the new country, is the time remaining on your previous sub added to the new one or it’s entirely separate?

Thanks. What about software app’s purchased via App Store. (I’m aware that licensing terms and restrictions often are different for different regions/countries, so wonder, if say, you move from Europe to say USA all app purchases will still be available with a change in Apple ID country.

the exisiting subs continue to work and can be reactivated via “restore purchase” once migrated. But as you have canceled them before the move you are effectively given access until expiry. You will then have to re-subscribe from the new account.

Consequently I haven’t had to re-subscribe anything yet except iCloud storage and Apple Music. I made a screenshot of my subscriptions prior to the move to have a mental note of the expiry date as these subscriptions don’t show up in the new list and not all apps mention subscription expiry in-app.

Thank you very much – that will prove extremely useful to me in some future. :blush:That’s wonderful, as that means you don’t lose any sub time – just have to restore stuff. Looks like the process is much easier than I feared.

All apps on the phone itself definitely keep working. I definitely had apps in HK appstore that do not exist in the UK appstore. Have seen these update as normal since I moved, so that’s OK.

Just to go sure I took copies of these apps on my pc with iMazing before I moved over as I would not be able to re-download these without a significant amount of trouble.

I used App Store Monitor – Apple Censorship to compare app availability between countries to compare the critical ones I needed to keep. Even if you don’t move appstores it is an interesting site to play with and compare countries…

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Funny, I didn’t have to cancel the iCloud storage plan, it moved over automatically when I changed countries.

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Everything was there as you now get a grace period when you cancel your plan. You have 20 days or so to download all the data. As I moved over and subscribed to AppleOne in the UK it was all back to normal right away.

I have noticed it is best to actually log out of AppStore on all devices and log back in immediately to have the country switch and new credit card come into effect.