Family Sharing for AirTag

Is there anyway to share the location of an AirTag with family? Right now my wife and I have one on the keys to each vehicle but we both swap which vehicle we are using regularly and there is no way that I know of for me to be able to find the keys she has her AirTag on.

Any ideas on how Apple can address this while still keeping its privacy features?

Does this not show up in Find My under devices? Which with Family Sharing allows you to find the devices of anyone in the family.

No. Only the tags assigned to my account show up. Unless maybe they show up if the other person is sharing their location with you. :thinking:

It’s yet another Apple product with no concept of family. You can’t share AirTags with family members and they’ll get a safety alert if they travel with your AirTag. Those alerts can only be muted for 24 hours at a time.


Wow, that’s a real missed opportunity. I can understand the privacy angle, but if the owner agrees, then why not allow it.

It’s if the tag is away from the owner for more than 3 days or something like that, right? What happens when people go on vacation and leave items at home?

My wife took my truck for a half day and got warned about my AirTag in it.

Here’s what Apple says:

AirTag has also been designed to discourage unwanted tracking. To discourage tracking without your knowledge, Find My will notify you if an unknown AirTag is seen moving with you over time. An AirTag that isn’t with the person who registered it for an extended period of time will also play a sound when moved so you can find it, even if you don’t use an iOS device.

That document also says AirTags form people in your Family Sharing group can have their safety warning turned permanently off, but I don’t think I saw that on my wife’s iPhone when she got home with the notification. I’ll have to try again.


I watched a bunch of YouTube videos about air tags and none of the videos could get it to alert someone else that they had an air tag on them or in there vehicle.

Has your wife been alerted any other times since then? I find this interesting with Apple talking about anti stalking feature and not being able to activate it.

I also don’t get why you can’t have the option to do family sharing with them.

If you share your location with someone through Find My there should be an option to share Airtags. Just my poinion. If you are ok with someone following you, you should have the option of allowing them to follow their items.

Mine goes off at least once a day if I have to take the set of keys with my wifes Airtag on it. I usually just ignore it and there isn’t any real problem.