Family Sharing Q

I have enabled family sharing, there are 5 members.

I was recently able to update by enabling Apple Pay when my credit card issuer finally got with the program.

One of my sons participating in the Family Sharing is unable to download or buy new apps, even free ones. He gets a message that the family organiser has to update their credit card details.

When I go into payment, my credit card is listed with (Apple Pay) against it, but there are no options to update anything.

Another son did have an issue previously, but his issue was resolved by adding the security number back in. There is no option to do this.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this? All I get from Google searches are instructions how to set up Family Sharing.

I don’t know, but I think the problem is because I upgraded the credit card to enable Apple Pay.

As a work around, I added my Paypal account using that credit card as a payment method too and my son was able to access subscription apps again.

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Yeah, I’ve had to have the kids reenter or approve the CC? I think it’s also triggered if the first use on a new device.