Family Sharing - Single Credit Card

So, 3-4 years ago I set up Family Sharing between my and my wife’s iTunes accounts. I honestly can’t remember why… but that’s another story.

The issue of long standing is that shared accounts are force to use one credit card. And I’m wondering how folks deal with keeping track of who in your family is buying what? Any stories to share? (I’m also refraining going on a rant about why Apple can’t find a way to let you use multiple credit cards!? Seriously!)

I thought of separating off my wife’s account but it appears that she would loose all of her iTunes purchases made through the shared account. Is this true? All of her iTunes songs would just disappear? It seems this forever chains family members to the shared account, unless one of you know of a work around.

I know that David has expressed his woes about Family Sharing in the past but I haven’t heard him talk about it recently. And I haven’t heard Stephen’s take on Family sharing since he came onboard. Hopefully this can come up again as a topic.

Thanks for all your input.

I believe Apple’s requirement that everyone in the “family” use the same credit card for purchases is to keep you from adding all of your friends and neighbors.

it appears that she would loose all of her iTunes purchases made through the shared account. Is this true?

No, If your wife leaves the group, she will take her purchases with her. She’ll lose access to the apps/music you purchased and you’ll lose access to hers. More info

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This is something Apple really needs to fix. Amazon’s had it sorted for years. Seriously, Apple, even when they live at the same physical address, there may well be reasons why two adults would want to share purchases but each manage their own payment options.

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We don’t really use family sharing. We have a separate account for iTunes and App Store purchases. She has her iCloud account, I have mine, and we make all,purchases using an account All the money comes out of one pot so why does it matter?

with one caviat: any apps she installed on her device through family sharing (so ones you bought) will still be seen as hers as well and will be accessible after she left.

Some families/relationships have two or more pots :slightly_smiling_face: