Fantastical 3 and Apple Watch Issue

Is anyone having an issue with Fantasical 3 and the Apple Watch? I am continuing to get a

“Not Logged In” Error that tells me that “I may need launch Fantastical on my phone (Done) and log in to your flexbits account” (also done).

I have uninstalled and re-installed the app a couple the times on the watch and still no success.

I would appreciate any suggestions short of getting a bigger hammer.

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Make sure you have the most recent version of Fantastical.
3.0 was completely broken on my Apple Watch.
It is still buggy now but works most of the time for me.

I believe, if you have v3 on the phone, you also need to create a Flexibits account to get watch syncing to work. Not sure if you also need to set up a direct connection between the calendar and Flexibits opposed to using the local calendar which previously worked.

You just need the Flexibits account. But even with the latest version of the app and the account, the Watch complication is painful.