Fantastical 3 macOS: Option to access calendar accounts via macOS' internal API anymore?

Hey everyone,

am I going crazy or is it no longer possible to have Fantastical 3 use the calendar accounts via macOS’ internal API anymore? I have my calendar providers connected via “System Preferences” > “Internet Accounts” and Fantastical 2 did use the calendar data just fine. When I installed Fantastical 3 those calendars were also automatically shown in Fantastical 3.

Now, after a system migration to new hardware and the need to reconnect those accounts that option is gone. Fantastical now requires a direct connection to those calendar providers. In the case of Google Calendar it wants additional full access to the drive folder of that account on top of access to contacts.

Was that feature removed recently or generally in v3?
Why did it work when I was migrating from v2 to 3?

Flexibits – as per usual since the disastrous release of v3 – is not communicating and I’m waiting for a reply eversince.

Thanks a lot

Not in front of Mac, but in Fantastical in settings is there not an option to use system calendars?


Thanks for your reply, but sadly there is not.
The settings’ account tab only allows me to add calendars via “+”, which open a pop-over screen in which I can select various providers.
It used to be the case that the system-stored calendars were shown directly in the list.

And of course, Fantastical is granted the Catalina security permission in settings to access the local calendars, contacts and reminders.

On the page with Accounts, you should see “apps”. Click Calendar, and enable “show local calendars”. Should have same for reminders there as well.

Yes, that I’ve activated, but that literally only includes the truly “local” calendars, not the ones from iCloud or other providers that I’ve added via system settings.

This seems to be true… Fantastical 3 cannot use Mac OS accounts / API any more.

I just faced this very same problem. My university won’t allow Fantastical to connect to an Exchange hosted calendar (Fantastical is not an approved app) so I am out of luck and cannot use Fantastical any more. Native iCal app / accounts work fine.

What a pity. If anyone has founds a workaround, I would love to hear about it.

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I assume that in the case of iCloud calendars, that iCloud security prohibits third party apps from accessing the account unless an app-specific password for iCloud is used. When I set up Fantastical I obtained that password from my iCloud account online.

I asked Flexibits some time ago and they use “poor performance” of the macOS APIs as a smokescreen. It’s interesting that none of the other calendar apps have any issues with this.

Not sure what they are doing, but I can only assume that they require your data to be routed through their service to be able to provide some functionality.

The issue that I have with this: All users have to deal with this, because of features that >1% of the users actually use.
I doubt that their premium subscription numbers are higher. And even amongst those not many make use of the scheduling features, which undoubtedly would require calendar access on their side.

Using local calendars in Fantastical is working properly on iOS though. Very disappointed that it is not working on macOS, although the privacy settings, in my case, allow Fantastical to use the local calendars.

The iCloud calendar with an app-specific password was required for me and I suspect that’s the issue.

I have had quite a few problems since V3 and moving to the subscription. I’ve decided not to pay for the subscription, and often times my grandfathered features which are not subscription only don’t work.

I really like Fantastical, but I’m not interested in the subscription price and am really considering Calendar 366 ( at this point.

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