Fantastical Account

I’ve been using Fantastical for a couple years now. I have a full time job at a hospital and work here and there as a database/analytics instructor at a local college.

Both of these jobs use Office 365 and I use Fantastical when I’m away from my Windows work PC.

I got thinking the other night though….how safe is signing into Fantastical with work Office 365 credentials?

Both workplaces allow me to sign in okay via 365 but I’m not sure if this is by design or something they forgot to protect against.

Just wondering general thoughts on using apps like this that require a work login. Likely safe, or avoid at all costs to prevent any issues in the future?

My work and my main customer both use Office 365 and they don’t allow using their account in Fantastical (or any App other than Microsoft Outlook), so IT probably forgot to protect that in your case…

I can set both up in iOS too, using stock mail and calendar. I don’t like outlook. For mail it’s okay I guess but the way it lumps mail and calendar in together coupled with focused and “other” views on mailboxes - it feels like I’m constantly cycling around within the app.

I know I can turn focused mailbox off but it still seems like a lot of clicking around to get anywhere.

A lot of places will block it, BUT if they are using O365 and not on prem exchange they are using o-auth so it’s okay. Similar to setting up in iOS itself. Many still block based on inertia of the past.

It completely comes down to whether your company allows you to attach 3rd party apps to company systems.

There are two different levels which may present this:

  1. Technical controls which actually prevent attachment
  2. Policy controls which forbid the connection of 3rd party systems or apps to company systems. There;s nothing which will stop you connecting but you’d be breaking company policy.

So I’d check, maybe ask an IT person.

Fantastical’s privacy design is really good. They essentially use their servers to relay notice of changes to your other Fantastical installations, and let those other installations fetch the updated information themselves. When you sign into Google or O365 through Fantastical, it’s only the local app receiving access to events and not Flexibits themselves. That’s why you have to sign into O365 on each phone/iPad/Mac you’re using.

The whole privacy explanation is worth reading and organized and bulleted to make it quick.

If your IT org had done its research it should be fine with Fantastical but obviously many of them don’t care or have goals other than helping individual employees be effective.


My workplace openly allows any client.

They don’t mind which client we use and publish instructions for setting up different ones. It depends on the corporate policy.

What would be the advantage for you, to do so?

I like getting meeting change and shared calendar change notifications through fantastical and I’m fairly sure it’s currently the only way to use Fantastical

Same here, but I was able to obtain a calendar subscription link from Outlook Web Access settings and import that into Fantastical as a subscribed calendar, so my work calendar at least shows and updates, which really helps.

So, you want only to get the work calendar into Fantastical, and don’t want to use your O365 credentials to use as the login to Fantastical, right?!
If your company allows it, I see no problem with the first approach.
But I would not recommend to use your O365 credentials as the sign-up for Fantastical, as there is always the possibility that you loose access to those accounts, and in that case you would also loose the access to Fantastical most probably.

No, I use my own credentials to sign into fantastical and then log into work as an office 365 account. It works fine and I’m fine with it, but I was more asking if it’s common practice for workplaces to allow this or not.