Fantastical Frustrations

Does anyone know a fix for the following problem. It’s my 3rd time experiencing this (I reached out again to Flexibits)

I have Fantastical across all my devices. (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and I have a paid Flexibits account and my calendars are stored on Google Calendar. For whatever the reason, if I input an event on my phone or iPad, I can see it everywhere, it syncs. However, if I input an event from the Mac Fantastical…it doesn’t show up anywhere else. I tried checking Google Calendar itself online and that didn’t have any updates.
This only occurs from Mac device to anywhere else so far. I have checked my settings and accounts, I have verified all the accounts, syncs, etc should all be in place. I am irritated that this is now the 3rd time to jump through this, debating of jumping ship to something else, even though I know that Fantastical is the “better ones” out there. If I were to jump, I think I might check out Readdle Calendar app.


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Add me to another user who left so-called Fantastic-cal for plain Jane iCal. No problem paying $ for apps but it has to work All the time and keep on adding new features.

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I have had issues and didn’t want to give up on Fantastical as it is the best solution for my needs. As all my calendars are in the “cloud” (have Office365, Google Calendar and iCloud calendars), decided to do a full uninstall (using Hazel to also uninstall Library settings and support files) and set up Fantastical again from scratch. All has worked fine since without issues.

Don’t know what caused the issue or break in the sync, but happy the solution was implemented relatively quick and worked.

I had a problem specifically with my iPhone not syncing - Fantastical support traced it back to an event with a broken Zoom invitation I’d created, once I deleted that it started working again. Hopefully they get back to you soon and can help fix it!

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No syncing issues for me usually - I’m using exchange and iCloud.

My biggest annoyance with Fantastical is that I typically have 30-40 meetings per week and literally on each device I need to manually clear away each meeting acceptance notice and invite. I’d kill for a “clear all” button or some kind of syncing between apps…

Fantastical got back to me this morning…If anyone ever has these issues…this is what I was told.

Can you please remove and re-add your Google Account from Fantastical on your Mac? If that doesn’t help, please follow these steps:

  • Open Fantastical
  • Hold down the Option key, then click on File in the menu bar or the the gear icon in the mini window
  • Go to Debug > Reset Sync States
  • Wait for your events to download again

Suggestion to the Community Managers/Leaders - Could we create a new topic/section of suggested solutions by app ? Sometimes its faster to get feedback from MPU than these companies. :rofl:


Is Fantastical limited to using apple mail only for sharing events? Spark is the default on my Mac but for some reason when I email an event, Fantastical only launches apple mail. argh.