Fantastical on iOS 14 Date and Time Picker?

In Fantastical on iOS 14, it appears the date picker as changed to a mini calendar, and the time picker as deteriorated to a horrible number keyboard (with poor design).

Is this a feature of iOS 14 or has Fantastical just changed their format?

In my opinion, the old date and time dials were much faster, easier, and more accurate than hunting and pecking.

(FYI. I often use Fantastical’s great English-like data entry features but prefer the date/time pickers for editing.)

I could be wrong here, but I think two dates are highlighted because one is today’s date (29) and the other is the date you picked for the event (30).

As for the change of the date / time picker, I think it’s a deliberate choice to be more consistent with iOS 14. I’m fine either way.

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You can scroll the hours and minutes in the time picker after you tap on the time to focus it, instead of using the numpad.

That’s 100% iOS 14.

Try Calendar—works the same way.


Deteriorated? The mini calendar is AMAZING!!! It’s so much easier to pick a date than with the scroll wheels! As for the number pad, you can still scroll if you want. I usually type for that too, as it’s usually faster. Especially on an iPad with a mouse+keyboard.