Fantastical Openings - great but

This is a great addition as I was about to sign up for Calendly. It worked great at first but this week it’s either taking ages to sync with my calendar (more than 6 hours) or not syncing at all. Anyone else have any experience?

Hmm, it feels instant to block off time and see it reflected for me, on iOS, anyway. I’m not sure when people are signing up vs. when I get the invitations, though. I did notice some Google sync errors showing up in the Mac client about once a day since launch (the ones that prompt you to Fix and then Retry in a popup.) I haven’t seen them on iOS. If you’re seeing them, perhaps there’s a connection.

I was getting the Google ‘fix’ message too but not for a couple of days. My issue is events in my calendar are showing as being free time on the openings page I share so I’m getting double booked!

Not good! The only other thing I can think to try is switching between auto-confirm and requiring you to confirm; I auto confirm and maybe that is more seamless on the web app side. Hope it clears up for you…

I agree this is a great addition, but I haven’t used it for real yet. I will say that I have ongoing syncing issues with Fantastical overall. Occasionally, I have to re-open the app on my Mac for an item to sync to my phone or vice-versa. Same with syncing from BusyCal. I can’t seem to isolate when or why this happens. My experience is not the same as yours, but it is similar.

Flexibits support have helped. Turns out completely quitting did the trick to catch up with sync. I’ll keep an eye on it now to make sure it works as expected.


My experience as well. I was getting pop ups that people had picked an option, but didn’t see it reflected in the calendar entry itself. After I quit Fantastical completely and restarted the app, it was all there.

t.b.h. I think the Fantastical service looks slick and will definitively work for my needs. We are just seeing the glitches of a new service go live and I am sure they will wash out soon. Only very few sync services started without glitches as we all know.

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I agree with @simonsmark It looks great, people booking time with me like it & it doesn’t cost any more!

Well, it’s stopped syncing again. Such a good feature but it’s just not reliable enough for me right now. Back to Calendly.