Fantastical Shortcuts Broke In The Last Week

I just submitted a help ticket to Fantastical, but I’m wondering if anybody else is having this issue with Fantastical after the latest update. What’s odd is the release notes say they’ve recently “added support for finding tasks and events in Shortcuts,” but I always had this ability and now it’s missing for me. I’m worried that since I’m no longer a subscriber (although I purchased 1 & 2) that they’ve somehow downgraded my experience. Are others still seeing this action after the update?

This is what I have and I’m still a paid subscriber:

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I also subscribe and have the same list as @svsmailus. Hopefully they re-add/fix it soon.

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Thanks both for confirming - hopefully just a bug with the release. I’ll update this when I hear back on my support ticket.

They broke for me on my Mac and I submitted a ticket last week. (I haven’t heard back; on previous issues I got a quick response. Maybe they are working on it?) (And I’m a subscriber, btw.)

In my case, I have a lot of calendar sets, and I automate switching views by week/month/quarter via Shortcut. This involves three Fantastical Shortcuts: (Change active set to…→ Switch to…week/month/quarter etc. → Open Fantastical on today.) What’s somewhat interesting for me is all of these Shortcuts continue to work on my iPhone and iPad without fail, so it’s something to do with the Mac. Fingers crossed this is resolved shortly.

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Update - this was fixed in the latest update released today :raised_hands:


Yep, working well for me now as well.

I’ll just add that after I posted my previous message, I had steady communication from Flexibits about this, so I want to acknowledge that their customer support has been solid when I’ve needed it.

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