Fantastical Sync Differences


Has anyone noticed any differences in syncing calendars to Fantastical between say Google or iCloud. It seems to be an ongoing issue now that every 3-6 months I contact them for the same thing. It’s always the same story. Device A either has duplicated events, but Device B and Device C don’t have the duplicates. For the record this happens specially with a shared calendar. Would the experience be better if it was synced from iCloud instead of Google?

Edit Update: I checked the actual Google accounts that are being shared, all the accounts in Fantastical.

Web - Correct sync
Mac - Correct sync
iPhone - Correct sync
iPad Pro / iPad Mini - Duplicate Issues

Curious how they are having you fix it. I’ve occasionally had one device fail to sync, and sometimes the Google API endpoint they use will error or go down, which causes issues depending on how well Fantastical recovers. It hasn’t been as often or consistent as what you’re experiencing, though. Using the local versions of the calendars won’t work as well as connecting to Google directly.

I’m guessing you have compared the setup on your iPhone to that on your iPads? Sounds like the iPads may be syncing to two calendars with the same data.

Where does the data reside? On Google, on iCloud, on both?

I am compared setups to all devices, all the same. The data resides only on Google.

What’s interesting about the sync issue. It’s a share calendar, the calendar is full of events and repeating events. The only ‘duplication issue’ is being caused by a single repeating event showing up 2x in Fantastical. (Imagine a weekly Tuesday meeting at 6pm). The rest of the calendar is fine except for that particular event.

Are you sharing the calendar in question or are you a subscriber? Could the duplicates be occurring on the source of the shared calendar? If not then it looks like it’s a Fantastical problem.

There was another thread about Fantastical duplicating events last year but in that case the source of the data was macOS calendar that was getting info from OmniFocus.

Fantastical responded back, they were able to fix it on 1 device so far, the iPad Mini, still waiting on the fix for the iPad Pro.

I was told to go to the Settings of Fantastical, ‘pull up 4 times’, and then a Debug menu would appear, tap on ‘options’ and then tap on ‘reset sync states’. This worked on the iPad Mini, no luck so far on the iPad Pro.

The calendar in question is a joint shared calendar.

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Problem solved for the iPad Pro. Fantastical said to remove the account and then re-add it.

Simple answer if all else fails, remove and add again?
Simple thought that’s also annoying to do whenever this issue happens.

If the Google or Apple Calendar all the bells and whistles of Fantastical, I would use it to avoid these issues.

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