Fantastical sync with Google stopped working

Yesterday Fantastical 3.1 stopped syncing with my Google account. It pops an error message “status code 403”. I was able to shut off Fantastical and grab BusyCal from Setapp, which is syncing fine with Google.

A support email from Fantastical told me the error was global for any app syncing with Google, and has been fixed. Obviously not true on both counts.

So – FYI, if you have this issue it’s likely not a local problem on your machine but something wrong with Fantastical perhaps.

Thanks for this. I noticed the same issue yesterday, and appreciate you saving me the time I would have invested in troubleshooting it.

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Yeah that’s right, Flexibits tweeted about it.

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Flexibits is troubleshooting with me. It appears others are in my boat – Google still not syncing. If that’s you, suggest opening a ticket with Flexibits to get the troubleshooting info.

Hmm, over here I’ve already got my Google calendar account synced in Fantastical for Mac and it’s working properly again. I thought everyone should be fine now.

Should be, but isn’t for everyone. That’s my point. It’s just an FYI – open a ticket if needed.

Started having the issue from yesterday on several calendars on my Mac, I was in a rush for something and couldn’t follow up. Today it’s been giving out the same errors as well.

I’m experiencing this problem with my Google Apps account but not my regular “free” account. The primary difference is that I use the Apps account for delegates.

Error 503 showing in my MBP when I woke it up this morning, which was probably the same issue reported by Flexibits at around the same time you posted, @FrMichaelFanous. For me (6 hours later) the problem is resolved, as Flexibits said it would be.

Is it working for you now, sir?

Further update … Flexibits has a test version of Fantastical three that works around the 403 errors, which are due to new throttling that Google is doing on calendar sync for users with a “large amount” of data. They say they will put the permanent fix through to Apple for the next public update.

So. Google throttling. Fix in the pipeline.

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hey @anon41602260 I had an issue this morning of the 403 errors still (10am PST on 7/31). I quit and restarted the app, seems to be working now with no issue or errors. Hopefully, it’s good now. Was genuinely questioning the subscription and the blame game of Flexibits or Google.

I love when our MPU community comes together for things like this!