Farmer Social Distancing

I read this blog written by a large sheep and cattle ranch in Wyoming.

I loved their county fair signs on how to determine what proper social distancing spacing is.

What’s Social Distancing?


I suppose for us urban dwellers it would be

Stay two designer dogs apart.

Stay eight squirrels apart (or rats, same difference)

That’s great! I like how they have two examples in case you’re more familiar with one animal over the other.

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I was sent this a month ago.


Only one chihuahua, since they want to eat everyone’s face off for no reason.

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Most are sweet. Many owners are inept though, and tiny breeds in general can be traumatized easily by strange surroundings, and owners don’t think to deal with it properly in advance or after.

This is from the Northern Territory, Australia.

*Saltie = salt water crocodile (They can grow to 21 feet long :grimacing: )