Fast activation of Screen Mirroring on Mac?

I work as a teacher and we use Apple TVs to mirror the screen on our Macs to the classroom screen.

’m thinking a keyboard shortcut somehow, aside from navigating to the control center with the trackpad

I’m thinking a keyboard shortcut somehow, but I’m not sure how to set that up.

⌘F1 is a built in shortcut for this.


Excellent. however its not quite working for me. how can I change that shortcut to somethling like Cmd-shift-D?

I believe ⌘F1 is used to activate “Display Mirroring”, which is a different feature than “Screen Mirroring”. The former mirrors the screen to an attached monitor, the latter mirrors the screen to an ATV or projector, for example.

It should be re-mappable via Keyboard Maestro, BetterTouchTool, or maybe even Karabiner Elements. But what do you mean it’s not quite working? Is it literally not working? Try fn ⌘ F1 instead of ⌘ F1.

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In the way that nothing happens when I push those buttons, let me try to remap using CustomShortcuts or BTT