Fast image viewer

Looking for a fast image viewer for images stored outside of Photos. Bonus if it can read .psd files. Fileloupe used to be what I used, but it will not run on my Catalina machine.

Would Adobe Bridge work for you?

For individual photos, Preview.
What other features do you need?

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I’ve used on occasion,

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Emulsion looks great - I’ll check it out. Thanks!

I am loathe to use Adobe products (long story, and yes, I hold grudges :grinning:), but I’ll give it a look.

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If you just need to quickly view the image use “Quick Look”. Select the file and tap the space bar to reveil the image. Tap again to hide. Use the navigation keys to quickly browse trough the directory.

In case you weren’t aware, you can use Bridge for free. All you need is a free Adobe account. You can also use the Library module of Lightroom this way.

I’ve recently tried to find a decent app for managing photos outside of Photos and I’ve come up empty. There are many out there but those that promise the features I want (specifically categories/tags) have failed badly when given more than a couple hundred images.

What about Lyn -

Oh cool! Another one to try - thanks! :+1: